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The content on this site is underpinned by key fundamental principles, one of which is that society’s problems can only really be solved by spiritual remedies. 

Here you will find insights, wisdom and counsel to equip you for 21st century life and society. 

Bill McMurdo functions as an Emrys in key areas of leadership, transformation and also the destiny of nations, providing revelatory truth and direction for leaders in every field.

You will be challenged by the teaching on this site. Of that, there is no doubt. This stuff is neither conventional nor meant to be. It will dismantle much of the accepted dogma that masquerades as truth or validity. But hopefully you will love enough of what you receive on this site to implement what you learn to effect change in your own community.

Because this world needs transformation. If you see that and want to be part of the solution, then this is the place to be.


Here on this site I have decided to amalgamate some different Emrys sites e.g. my blogs on leadership and the prophetic destiny of Britain will now be based here on the one platform, along with teaching on societal transformation and the Philadelphia Age. As these things are all inter-related, it makes no sense to compartmentalise them.  Plus, it’s too time-consuming and brain-taxing to update all the sites. Links to the older stuff are in the header menu.